This room is to the right of the reception. It consists of round tables with a capacity of 50 to 265 seats. Its distribution varies according to each event, but each table has room for about 10 seats.

Its two heights make it possible to conceive the room as two spaces, having a stage at the bottom with sound equipment and the possibility of a projector.

Its easy access to the terrace allows you to combine the event both indoors and outdoors.


This space is perfect for corporate events, product presentations or shows. It has a maximum capacity of 352 diners distributed in rectangular tables of 10 to 12 people.

Its two heights also allow it to offer the stage below as a space for performances, making it possible for all diners to see it. Its more classic style has lots of light with the possibility of access to the terrace.


One of the peculiarities of Gala night is the preparation live and in front of the clients of paellas and other culinary delights of our Ibizan gastronomy. Since its construction it has been the nucleus of the restaurant visited by many tourists and local clients.


Inside the restaurant, we find a spacious room ideal to give way to aperitifs or as an annex for a massive banquet. It is possible to annex the entire space, accommodating about 800 people.

This space has access to the two lounges, terrace and also to the bar.

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